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"I know it's not traditional for the bride to give a speech but those of you that know me will know that speaking is my tradition."

It might not be "traditional" for the bride to give a speech but it's your big day, so you get to make the rules. And why should the men be left to do all the talking? Let's face it, women are far better at communicating than men so there's no reason you not get your say on the biggest day of your life. In fact it's becoming increasingly common for brides to give wedding speeches. But if you've never given a formal speech before our Bride's Wedding Speech System has everything you need to help you write a fantastic wedding speech with plenty of jokes, kind words and romantic thoughts.

A Little Helping Hand

The build up to the big day can sometimes be incredibly stressful for the bride, finding time to write a wedding speech in the middle of making all the arrangements for the biggest day of your life can be tough. Our Bride's Wedding Speech System is designed to help you write a complete speech, helping you put all your thoughts into words, ready to deliver on the wedding day.

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Easy To Use System

Our system is specially designed to be quick and easy to use, allowing you to write your entire speech in one sitting or for you to save and come back to so you can rewrite and edit as much as you like until you're 100% happy with your finished speech. The Bride's Speech Builder System also comes with a complete guide to writing your speech. As well as a step by step guide to using the system, you'll find tips to structuring your speech to make sure you don't miss any important mentions.


The bride's wedding speech system is split into separate sections from great opening lines and icebreakers, words to thank your guests and thank yous for those that have helped on the day, through to some quirky, heartfelt and humorous ways to bring your speech to a close. You'll find a blank template and over 4,000 speech blocks within the database, to add to your speech. Once you have the basic speech in place you can then edit it as much as you like to add names, dates and details for the key parts of your speech. You can also add your own words, after all it's your speech so while we can give you a framework it's important that the words are yours. Once complete you can save your speech for a final edit or print it out ready for the big day.

The database of over 4,000 has been written and compiled by our team of professional comedy writers and contains hundreds of jokes, icebreakers and lines covering everything from your dad's dancing to the best man's dress sense. Our team have written for TV, radio, theatre and stand-up comedians, so you can be sure your speech will be given a light hearted touch with help from comedy professionals. But it's not all about humour, you'll also find hundreds of touching a poignant wedding quotes and touches from a daughter to her father or for other members of the wedding party.

For brides it really isn't easy to find time amongst all the pre-wedding madness to sit down and find the perfect words for such a special occasion so we've created a range of options giving you time to work on her speech at your own pace. You can choose the time scale that works for you then simply log-in when you have time, work on your speech at your own pace, then save the speech to come back and keep working or give one final edit before printing it out in time for your wedding day.

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