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There are very few speeches any man can give that will feel as important as your father of the bride speech. To some dads it feels like the turning of an important chapter, from the once tiny bundle of noise, through to her teenage years when the bride was a larger bundle of noise (and terrible music) through to her last step in to the amazing woman she has become.

And on top of that… You need to try and make people laugh. Yep, writing a father of the bride speech is no easy thing but don’t panic, our speech builder has all the tools you need as well as a step by step guiding to putting together a great speech.

Get access to our wedding speech builder system for only £6.99

Our unique wedding speech system contains a database of over 4,000 ice breakers, jokes, quotes and hilarious fatherly words of wisdom to pass on to the happy couple and entertain the wedding guests. And because our system has been written by professional writers you can avoid the same old tired wedding jokes everyone has heard before.

The speech builder is easy to navigate and simple to use. Created with an easy to follow guide to each phase of your speech you’ll find hundreds of options speech options with everything from welcoming the guests right through to your final toast.


Once you sign into the system you’ll find each phase of your speech (welcoming the guests, thank yous, words of advice for the couple, jokes about the brides early years, gags about the her groom, etc). Each section is broken up into blocks with numerous options, when you see a block you want to use simply click on that speech block to add it to your personal template. Once you have completed all the sections of your speech you can then edit the speech to add names and dates then either save it to come back to and work on later or print out your finished speech ready for the big day.

When you buy access to Speech Builder you get complete access to our database of over 4000 ice breakers, jokes, quotes and comedic hand grenades to make sure your speech is a total success.


Just £6.99 which gives you 7 days access to the complete speech builder system. The unique way our system works means you're guaranteed to end with a completely original wedding speech.


Our team of speech writers have written for stand-up comedians as well as radio, theatre and TV, that means your speech will have professional writers behind each gag. There’s even the tried and tested jokes that are sure to hit the mark. You’ll even find hundreds of quotes from famous comedians to great philosophical thinkers and writers.

4 Reasons to buy!

Over 4,000 wedding speech jokes, quotes and toasts.

Compiled and written by professional comedy writers.

Easy to use, step by step system and free speech writing guide.

Work on your wedding speech at your own pace.


We've all been to weddings where people repeat the same old tired jokes but a great speech really can make or break the wedding breakfast. Our writers are constantly adding new jokes and icebreakers to the database so you can be 100% sure you will finish with a completely unique and original father of the bride wedding speech with jokes no one will have heard before so will assume you’ve written yourself (we won’t tell them if you don't?!?).

By using the system not only will you have a team of professional comedy writers on your side but you'll have all the tools and tips to refer to right at your fingertips in order to construct the perfect speech. And to make sure you're fully prepared you'll also find tips from professional performers and speakers on how to deliver your father of the bride speech on the day.


As well as having performed professionally all over the world our team have written for a wide variety of performers. While standing on stage with a microphone on hand might be second nature to us we appreciate how important it is to find the right heartfelt words on such special occasion.

For the happy couple this is the biggest day of their lives and we certainly don't take that lightly. We are constantly updating our speech database with new, original material you won't see anywhere else to provide you with a bespoke speech system, meaning your speech will be unique to you (but with the added bonus of having your own team of professional speech writers and comedians behind you). We're so committed to providing a quality service that you can contact our team at any time to either read through your speech, assist you with a final edit or with any speech or wedding related questions. Not forgetting our step by step guides to using the system and writing your speech.

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